After nearly two decades as a writer, editor and product developer, I changed careers from publishing and went to grad school to study Somatic (BodyMind) Trauma Therapy. Some people think that’s a big leap, but both fields embrace communication and creativity, qualities that enrich life. Both fields encompass my dream of influencing how we can bless our lives in everyday ways.

croppedWhile I was working with stress management for clients, I stumbled on jewelry making, something fun to do with my hands, to give my brain a rest. But I soon learned that the power of playfulness reached far beyond making jewelry, far beyond playing in virtual reality.

Playfulness is a great medicine that we seem to have mislaid. I feel empowered by being playful, silly, creative, spontaneous — without fear of being judged. I feel smarter, kinder, gentler more present when I play. I wish all the same for you and look forward to sharing more as we hang out on