"Cherry LifeSavers Do Vegas"

Welcome to MyGemesis

The invented word, Gemesis, blends the playfulness of working with gems and jewelry with the beginning of something new and fun for me. For over 15 years, I toyed with the desire to learn jewelry making, but never seemed to find the right class at the right time or place.


Success Rule #8—Be Authentic

You’re probably way ahead of me but I am all jazzed by my recent discovery of Simon Sinek. Simon is a bright, original, articulate, energetic, cultural anthropologist who’s written several books, (Leaders Eat Last, and Start With Why) about how to excel and find fulfillment.


Visit to Huntington Library

One of my favorite places to play is the famed Huntington Library and Gardens. Henry Huntington gifted his estate and art collection to the public as a non-profit cultural center. I was free to wander, sniff the flowers, talk to the fish and eyeball Van Gogh’s paintings to appreciate his genius. I like the way everyday objects are presented as Art. This early American chair collection was very peaceful and surprisingly beautiful.


So Hard to be an Adult!

Act your age? What the heck does that mean? You would think, after being an “adult” for as long as I have, I’d have achieved some mastery of how to act like a grown up. But I’m sntill not sure what that animal looks like. When I compare myself to my wonderful maternal grandmother when she was my current age, there is no comparison. Especially in the wardrobe department, thank goodness. Other than than, I’m unclear about acting like an adult.


Whaddaya mean, Be Playful?

The other day a friend looked puzzled when I said I want this blog to be playful. It seems we’ve gotten so results-oriented, that we’re not having much fun. We’re also INSTANT results- oriented, and tend to get squirrelly pretty quick if things don’t happen in a flash. That’s a lot of unnecessary pressure.

On the other hand, making jewelry invites me to be in the present, to slow down and–horrors of horrors–even change things around if they don’t suit me