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Calcite and Serpentine Stone


Calcite and Serpentine Stone.  17.5″

Gemstones, Earth Tones

This piece is also close to choker length, but with a little bit of slack to allow for the modern, geometric look of chunky, creamy amber Calcite and cool pale, green rectangles of Serpentine Stone.  They are set apart by pewtery discs of tiny engraved lines, reminiscent of Frank Lloyd Wright’s designs.

Two Amber Fish and a Star


Two Amber Fish and a Star. 17.5”

Earth Tones

If you’re looking for “fall colors”, this one’s for you. A hand-made goldish tin star hangs between two rust colored, handmade fish. In their wakes, there’s a long trail of mini beads, tiny pearls, gold tone faceted spacers, oblong cubes of russet colored jade and pale, mother of pearl tubes beads.

Mandarin Orange Focal Pendant


Mandarin Orange Focal Pendant. 16.5”

Earth Tone

You have to look closely to see the asymmetrical design. The focal is a graceful pear-shaped, Mandarin orange piece of art glass, studded by tiny, multi-faceted, metallic gold beads, amber colored glass fishes, calcite tear drops and gold colored seed pearls.

Yellow Calcite Center Stone


Yellow Calcite Center Stone.   17”

Earth Tones

It’s hard to resist the creamy, translucent warmth of calcite, not unlike the middle of a Snickers candy bar.   The centerpiece, along with the smaller, facetted, calcite tear drops and cubical orange stones make a soft, feminine statement next to the silvery discs and tiny seed pearls. Lovely for petites.

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Great Balls of Earth and Fire

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Great Balls of Earth and Fire. 17.5”

All the beautiful autumn colors are present here, from rich reds to orange, green and ochre, with just the right touch of amber gold. It’s a bit shorter than most. Wear it as a chocker or as a bejeweled collar to a warm sweater.


Earth Green Stones

$110.00 $88.00

Earth Green Stones
and Gold Tones. 19” .

A bold and brassy collection of fall colors with splashes of gold. It reminds me of a childhood tradition of raking a huge pile of leaves which everyone would jump into. It was the only yard chore that had a wonderful pay off.


Amber Rose Pendant

$120.00 $96.00

This amber rose is about an inch and a half across and makes a very happy, large center piece. The yellow and red with gold tone spacers have a definitely autumn feel.