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Big Puffy Silver Heart


Big Puffy Silver Heart. 19.25”

Precious Metals

People never tire of the heart in all its decorative forms. This silver heart is a favorite. It’s lovely enough to stand on its own, flanked by a long line of petite silvery beads. Each bead, whether, disc or barrel shaped, is set apart by a tiny black spacer, giving emphasis to their shape and design.

Steel Dimples and Blue-Black Accent



Steel Dimples and Blue-Black Accent. 20.5”

Precious Metals

The middle blue-black disc and its oval side pieces remind me of Superman’s hair color. Add big, steely, dimpled beads, small flowerette designed coins, tiny silvery discuses and crackle glass spacers and you have a “Game of Thrones” feel for precious metal jewelry.

Golden Balls and Glass Tubes


Golden Balls and Glass Tubes. 20”

Precious Metals

If you prefer straight forward, no frills, simplicity with a little bit of bling, this one’s for you. Glass tubes, both large and small, are great spacers between the golden glass balls and decorative beads, like the golden glass rondelles.


Never a Dull Moment Metals

$125.00 $100.00

Never a Dull Moment Metals. 21.5”

Asymmetrical is the name of the game, with five families of beads. BTW: I call bead groupings “chapters”.  Some groups are silvery, some are gold-toned. As always, shiny metals and stones always look well-dressed when accompanied by fresh water pearls.


Coppery Pearls and Vertigris

$120.00 $96.00

Coppery Pearls and Vertigris
Beads. 19.5″

Here’s something new, the luscious green stone known as Chrysoprase. It has such a soothing balance with the diamond shaped copper toned beads. Sort of a vertigris, before and after.


Silvery with Gold Tones

$110.00 $88.00

Silvery with Gold tones.
Big textured focal. 20.5″

Tweaking the norm, the combo of silver and gold tones has been a long time favorite. This necklace is predominantly silvery, with a small school of fish mingling with tiny clam shells and gold accents.