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Delicate Baby Shells and Pearls


Delicate Baby Shells and Pearls. 17”


This could also fit in the earth tone category with the soft sea green/earth green center whelk shell and its big litter of baby seashells. To counterbalance the back-to-nature feel, I added sea green facet beads and silvery seed pearls among a few understated silvery spacers.

Clear Pure Heart in Red


Clear Pure Heart in Red. 21”

Red and Pink

A crystal clear transparent heart with silver foil embedded in lampwork glass holds center stage with scarlet red beads and a few baby pink beads lined up at either side. Subtly symmetric, this design includes many clear glass tube beads and tiny black spacers that accentuate its pure heart.

Steel Dimples and Blue-Black Accent



Steel Dimples and Blue-Black Accent. 20.5”

Precious Metals

The middle blue-black disc and its oval side pieces remind me of Superman’s hair color. Add big, steely, dimpled beads, small flowerette designed coins, tiny silvery discuses and crackle glass spacers and you have a “Game of Thrones” feel for precious metal jewelry.

Mandarin Orange Focal Pendant


Mandarin Orange Focal Pendant. 16.5”

Earth Tone

You have to look closely to see the asymmetrical design. The focal is a graceful pear-shaped, Mandarin orange piece of art glass, studded by tiny, multi-faceted, metallic gold beads, amber colored glass fishes, calcite tear drops and gold colored seed pearls.

Green Semi-Precious Gem Stones


Green Semi-Precious Gem Stones. 21.5”


Aventurine rectangular pieces offset the oblong Chrysoprase, a.k.a. green serpentine stones in this asymmetric piece. In the middle an irregular, veined, green glass piece ties together the semi-precious luster and the refracted glow of three clear, honey colored crystals.

Lampwork Royal Blue


Lamp work Royal Blue Focal. 18.5”


Royal blue lamp work glass is a dazzler. These beads are handmade using a propane “lamp” or torch to soften and mold the glass. The six-sided, round and oval mother of pearl coins interplay with metallic silver discs and squares.

Decorative Turquoise Center Bead


Decorative Turquoise Center Bead. 20.5”

Aqua and Turquoise

I’m a sucker for cloisonné. This necklace was inspired by the center hand-painted, ceramic turquoise bead in the cloisonné style. All the accompanying chips of turquoise, silver tone decoration and earth stones just fell into place. It makes me happy just to look at.

Pearl Chunks with Cool Mauve


Pearl Chunks with Cool Mauve. 21.5”

Lavender and Purple

The famous fashion photographer, Cecil Beaton, said all women look best in pinkish light. For good measure, I added the luminous quality of big, fat, nacre squares, petite cool mauve blister pearls and long cubes of soft, pink beads.

Loopy Silvery Donuts and Black Coins


Loopy Silvery Donuts and Black Coins. 21.5”

Black and Grey

I love the big, black mother of pearl “coins”. They fit nicely with the irregular silvery donuts, big grey pin-striped coins, an assortment of silvery and steely spacers and jet black beads. It’s a nice tension between even and odd.