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Golden Balls and Glass Tubes


Golden Balls and Glass Tubes. 20”

Precious Metals

If you prefer straight forward, no frills, simplicity with a little bit of bling, this one’s for you. Glass tubes, both large and small, are great spacers between the golden glass balls and decorative beads, like the golden glass rondelles.

Yellow Calcite Center Stone


Yellow Calcite Center Stone.   17”

Earth Tones

It’s hard to resist the creamy, translucent warmth of calcite, not unlike the middle of a Snickers candy bar.   The centerpiece, along with the smaller, facetted, calcite tear drops and cubical orange stones make a soft, feminine statement next to the silvery discs and tiny seed pearls. Lovely for petites.

Trapezoidal Quartz Focal


Trapezoidal Quartz Focal. 21”

Black and Grey

This block of speckled grey quartz is rather modern compared to many other pieces. The quartz has an asymmetric posse of steely balls, stamped pewter coins and seed pearls on one side and clear glass beads with metallic squares and silvery fish on the opposite end.

Cinnabar style and Pink Coins


Cinnabar Style and Pink Coins. 20.5”

Red and Pink

Five carved cinnabar styled beads are the centerpiece with luscious red coral beads, pink mother of pearl coin beads and assorted micro beads of red and gold providing lots of space in between to show off each bead’s best side.

Pale Green Glass Kite


Pale Green Glass Kite. 15”


One of my customers asked for shorter necklaces to go with her petite size. This soft, delicate green piece is my first response. Sitting on the cusp of the collarbones, the pale greens of aventurine and jade will compliment anyone’s complexion.

Baby Blue and Silvery Fish


Baby Blue and Silvery Fish. 19.5”

Aqua and Turquoise

Pale green aventurine beads act like bookends for baby blue and silvery fish swimming toward the middle of three square, textured beads.  Lots of underwater traffic flanked by icey blue and irregular green glass beads, with tiny decorative silver pieces to keep things interesting.

Big Delft Style Blue Ceramics


Big Delft Style Blue Ceramics. 22.25 “

I’m a sucker for Meissen’s blue onion patterns and Delft blue china, so I couldn’t resist this echo of those prized European designs. A large goldtone bead holds court as the focal with clear, crackle and assorted smaller blue beads waiting in the wings.



Catch the Cool Colors

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Catch the Cool Colors. 20.25”

Silver toned spacer beads come in a plethora of shapes and sizes and always add pizzaz to lamp worked glass beads. In this case, the royal blue centerpiece is flanked by two striped ovals of lime green, azure and black amid wavy greens and round blues. Crackle glass beads provide a little elbow room.

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Great Balls of Earth and Fire

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Great Balls of Earth and Fire. 17.5”

All the beautiful autumn colors are present here, from rich reds to orange, green and ochre, with just the right touch of amber gold. It’s a bit shorter than most. Wear it as a chocker or as a bejeweled collar to a warm sweater.